Looking for a REAL CREW

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Looking for a REAL CREW

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Hi sailors, skippers, and pirates :wink:!

I wondering if i can collect a real crew. I mean what about if we will meet on the board in the next few months - because the prices are now the lowest. I know because I working as a project manager for an "world-sailboat-booking" website. (www.go4sailing.com) I was in Croatia, in Vodice this summer on a skipper course, and I met their charter company offer trough this system, because I wanted to find the best price. (It was 12% more discount whit them so I was happy :wink: . Later I had contact with the owner of the website, and now I work for them - but its a long story how, i didn't want to bore you! So lets back - Is there anybody who interested? Please let me know. If it's necessary, we can do at first a 3 day skipper course as well (3 day fun and more less money... :lol: So what do you think?
I am in, so i need more 7 people to minimize the costs... Waiting for your response - Ahoy
Be a real skipper. No matter where are you lives now. Your dreams will come true. Let's meet on a real sail boat! Contact me, I want to build a crew from gamers. Albert