Help with 3D models for disabled sailors?

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Help with 3D models for disabled sailors?

Post by paulyboy »

Hi there,

I am writing to ask if there is anybody willing to provide their skills in order to build two 3d boat models for disabled sailors? Would be great if you could provide services for free, but I am willing to make a personal donation to helpers in order to get this done.

Many paraplegic, tetraplegic and quadriplegic sailors are getting into two classes of dinghy designed specifically for the disabled. The Access Liberty and Skud 18.

While these boats are designed for people with all types of disability, it's amazing to see people unable to use their arms or legs able to sail a yacht only with their breath.

It's also incredibly difficult for these people to get out and about and have any kind of normal life. Being able to train using Virtual Skipper would be absolutely amazing for them and a good step before getting into a real boat.

Please let me know if you are willing to provide any assistance or pass on the details of someone who can help with building and importing models. I am sure I can help provide the technical details required to get this done.

Here are the boats... ... s/13153/0/

Thank you!