What's next for VSK

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What's next for VSK

Post by Anticipation »

I would like to get folks thoughts on this great game of ours.
Will we be Match Racing Multi Hulls in the future?

Now the Americas Cup has gone to Multi Hulls, which IMO is a dam shame.
I can't really see most folks being too interested in Match Racing these boats,

For me the shine has gone from this game mainly because I do like Match Racing the ACC Class Boats, ( Of a bygone era now, apparently) Apart from the occational match race and ACC fleet racing I think we are boxed into a corner.

I don't really like to race the other classes and this is my loss I know, I don;t think I will be following the ACC any more the way the Yanks have it now.

I believe the traditional Loius Vitton Cup and the ACC Final Match up was a great format, now it's all gone to hell. I am sure I am not alone in this line of thought.
My 2 cents worth.......

Post by ArchieP »

Before entries have even opened, the sailing world is divided as to whether the introduction of a 72ft long catamaran is the right option to revive the event. Should this really be a close combat match racing event in monohulls, - the match racing boat type that most teams and fans know best, like in AC32 ? or should it be a high speed drag race in multihulls, like AC33?