Waterworld Tri for VSK5?

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Waterworld Tri for VSK5?

Post by ProfSerious »

Hey Yall!

Ive been lookin online for a while and surprised to find that no one has made the Waterworld Trimaran yet. I have absolutely no experience with making boats or skins, and I was going to try to do it myself until I came across some posts by other people requesting specific skins, so this is my request...

I'm hoping that someone can easily make a Waterworld skin for the "Open 60 Trimaran" (multi). The real boat was actually a "1992 Orma 60 Trimaran built by Jeanneau Lagoon, along the lines of Florence Arthaud's 'Pierre 1er' (Lakota); and with a 75' stick, 45' beam, and 28' boom. Top speed of 33 knots." But the Orma for the game does not really have the same hull structure. The "Open 60" is actually more similar to the boat from Waterworld. I dont know if it's possible, but we have to visually get rid of the crew. If we cant do that, than we should just create the entire boat from scratch (which will probably happen someday anyways). I actually would rather we did recreate the boat entirely. Though, I dont expect anyone to create the harpoon-gun, or crane-hoist, and all the other non-sailing junk on the boat. Just mainly the body and sails... can anyone do this?!

I did find a site by a guy who virtually designed a skinless (albiet highly detailed) non-game version of the boat (pics and video can be found here):
I also found another CGI artist who had done some other non-game Waterworld settings (atolls, ect). I was curious if they had any colors, textures, or other references that we could use. So I contacted both of these artists and havent heard a reply.

Anyways, I have about 50 images of the boat from the movie (sails, hulls, decks, tramps, bow, stern, port, starboard, cockpit, boom, mast, daggerboard, underwater, and overhead stills), and also a few of the toy model, with the standard paintjob, and a custom (more realistic) paintjob. The pics are relatively small (864 x 480), and due to the nature of the cinematography, there aren't any dead-on horizontal angles. But I feel I have a clear shot of nearly every part on the boat, in order to easily design the skin manually.

Fortunately the overall coloring of the boat is pretty bland and the sails are not transparent, but the "look" of the boat comes from all the rusty patches, scratches, dings, scrapes, and scuffs along the hulls; as well as the patchwork sails, and the hand-mended trampolines. So it's the subtle details that will be hard to replicate. Although there are a few shots in the film where you could tell the some of patches on the hulls were just spray-painted on... so as long as it looks as real as the production crew tried to make it, (or better)... that should be our goal.

Are there any skin guru's out there up to the task?
Send me a PM with your email and I'll send you as many helpful photos as I can.


I have also posted this thread on the "vsk-aus" forum, in hopes that someone meets this challenge sooner than later. I will update both threads regularly.
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Post by primarius »

try Jose (Polar Bear) at: http://www.polarbear-vsk-skins.com/ he's the master.