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Posted: 06 Dec 2010, 11:01
by arcana
It is now official: Italian Association of Virtual Sailing - AIVV was attached as an Aggregate Entity to FIV, Italian national sailing federation by resolution of Directive Board held in Genoa, November 27th, 2010.

It is therefore with great satisfaction that today we can announce the achievement of a goal long pursued and intensified in the latest two years by a small but fierce group of willing people who conceived and made possible what at first seemed only a distant dream.

And now this achievement becomes the starting point for the development of cooperation between real and virtual sailing. FIV will approve next spring the new federal statute which should be also provide for the virtual sailing. Initial contacts are underway for a joint activity to be carried out primarily with young people and with all those who want to, not just playing for fun, take advantage of IT-tools to deepen their knowledge of rules and general principles for the conduct of sail boats.

The international racing calendar includes in the coming years events FIV will attend with its representatives, such as the Volvo Ocean Race 2011 - 2012, where Giovanni Soldini will defend the Italian colors on Ericsson 3. These events will be joined by special sailing virtual events for exchanges of experience and knowledge beneficial to both worlds that are like, but until now not communicating each other.

In this moment full of satisfaction and pride for the work we want to extend sincere thanks to all those who have struggled in recent years, the President Giuseppe (Pino) Tudini, AIVV board counselors and associated, as well as to FIV President Carlo Croce, to the bodies and federal structures which have not let our project be missing of advice, support and attention

And today we wish to reiterate once again what has already been stated on several occasions: Italian virtual sailing does not need unnecessary chatter and sterile opposition, those who truly love our "little game" now know they can count on a national entity above the parties, officially recognized even in sport environment.

AIVV membership will be open from next January and anyone who wants to can join, whether as a single athlete and as a club and make his contribution, in a democratic manner, to conduct and choices of the Association. As soon as they will be ready, newly developed programs for race judges will start and then again .... many other surprises and novelties.

For information and further details:

Good wind all, and good wind A.I.V.V.!

Carlo Cottino (Parklane)
A.I.V.V. - Italian Association of Virtual Sailing
F.I.V. Aggregate Entity