NEW OLD-TIMER 3D MODEL - designers needed!?

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NEW OLD-TIMER 3D MODEL - designers needed!?

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Dear All,

many VSK boat models are available so far, i somehow believe that more of them should come.
I'm a member of croatian VSK comunity, and recently i proposed a new boat to be published as 3D model. Myself, i have neither experience in 3D designing nor in xml files, hence i wanted to ask around would anyone be interested to approach this. The CRO VSK community forwarded me to VSK Fun as the place to discuss maybe about these stuff.

Generally, this is an "old-timer latin sailing boat", looks similar to ancient egyptian sailing boats, of course different design but same principle. This boat was before used only as a transport vessel, the sail was in use because no motors were back then available.
A society was recently grounded, which wanted to save what was forgoten - the boat and its typical sail. Now the fleet of more than 100 boats sails every Year on the mediteraneen. Although it was ment to be a "traditional event", some of the sailors wanted to try themselves in racing. So, one lead to another, and we now have around 25-30 of these boats racing in Fleet and Match regatta's. The boat is same, just some modification were made to the sail and design, we played a bit with trim and so on...
I participate myself on these regatta's and must say that it's completely oposite from normal sailing boats. You need to apply same racing rules, but it's much harder to perform it with lack of ropes and just one sail. Well, to not make a wrong impression here, have a look yourselves at these links: ... index.html ... index.html

My question is: would anyone be intrested in coming together and working on this project? I would supply all the scripts, data and info regarding the boat itself because i have one. The developers from Croatian VSK would help with xml files, just what we don't know how to make is the 3D model of this boat. My boat would be used as a prototype, because all the information and measures can be taken on spot.

Boat's design is rather very simple, with not so many details.

I would be glad to hear "YOUR" general opinion about this, and would there be any interested people i hope they will get back to me.

Thanks in advance,

Mate Turcinov