1st World-Wide Meeting of VirtualSkipper Players

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1st World-Wide Meeting of VirtualSkipper Players

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Hello friends.

Next days 8, 10 and 12 of February the most important competition of the world of Sailing will be celebrated in Valencia (Spain): 33rd America' s Cup.

By diverse circumstances it seems that 33rd edition is not going to be as interesting as the previous one; but it is going to be more spectacular due to the characteristics of the boats: lengths of 90 feet with masts of more than 185 feet!!!

Thousands of fans to Sailing from worldwide will be present in Valencia by those dates, and probably some of them are players of VirtualSkipper.

It is a good opportunity to visit Valencia and to also enjoy not only the competition but a beautiful full city of good cultural and gastronomical options.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_HghoAl ... re=related

In Valencia is the social seat of Cybersea, to 15 minutes walking from Port America' s Cup: “El Raco del Mar” a humble restaurant where you can taste one of the best “Paella Valenciana” of the city. http://racodelmar.blogspot.com/

The Cybersea club invites you to 1st world-wide Meeting of VirtualSkipper Players. Friday 12 of February from 19:00.

We will have many hours to share experiences, to enjoy the memories and to embrace those virtual friends to whom so many times we have saluted from the distance.

We live at time of crisis and therefore we are going to deliver an attack: the entrance to the Meeting costs only 20€!!! It includes drinks, supper (Valencian Paella) and a glass of the magical potion of Cybersea skippers: The famous “Cuban Mojito by Balsero”.

Cybersea members are happy to count on your presence and will try that you enjoy your stay in Valencia.

In order to confirm attendance or to request more information: pablo@forcada.jazztel.es (Saulo).

A warm greeting, see you on February 12th.