Virtual Skipper 5 offer the possibility to import own boat 3D models.<br>
3D artists and players can now meet here to share models and advices.<br>
Virtual Skipper 5 offre la possibilité d'importer vos propres modèles 3D de bateaux.<br>
Les artistes 3D et les joueurs peuvent maintenant se réunir ici pour partager leurs modèles et conseils.
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I'm going to say no, there is no way Florent would forget to tell us if something like this was available...

Who knows, it worked before! :shock: :D :lol:
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I think Sunburn made the Acc XML file & he made it available to us.

I dont know the origins of the other Nadeo boats, and I suspect they are different. Maybe the creators can release them too. But my own view is that the Acc XML is just the best by far.