Replacing floor on Aluminum boat, suggestions on wood...

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Replacing floor on Aluminum boat, suggestions on wood...

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Hi, I am in a process of redoing the interior of my new boat (1985 16' Starcraft). I will be replacing the floor since it feels a bit soft. I'm trying to figure out what kind of wood to use to replace it with. I've read a post that treated plywood may affect aluminum. So, can I just use standard plywood from Home Depot (there are two types: BC and CDX, BC being sanded and more expensive), then cover it with deckseal or polyurethane? Thanks.
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Wood will rot when exposed to fresh water. Another problem you could have with plywood is the glue used. The best would be marine plywood or the next would be exterior grade. If you want it to last it needs to be sealed with epoxy or fiberglass resin.