[VSK5] Release of Platu 25 (Bénéteau 25)

Virtual Skipper 5 offer the possibility to import own boat 3D models.<br>
3D artists and players can now meet here to share models and advices.<br>
Virtual Skipper 5 offre la possibilité d'importer vos propres modèles 3D de bateaux.<br>
Les artistes 3D et les joueurs peuvent maintenant se réunir ici pour partager leurs modèles et conseils.
Lennart GER
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[VSK5] Release of Platu 25 (Bénéteau 25)

Post by Lennart GER »

Hi all,
VSKFun proudly announce that the Platu 25 (Bénéteau 25) will be released at the 02.10.2008 in the afternoon!!! Maybe we will offer you some Fleets.

It's an international One Design Class and famous all over the world.
It's 7.50 m long, was developed by Bruce Farr & Assciates and is bilt by Bénétau in france.

Look at the pictures or watch the great video at www.VSKfun.com.

Cheers, Lennart

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Post by Jesse »

Just a reminder that the Platu 25 is now out.

Great model :D

You can download it at www.vskfun.com