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Sampa wrote:Barry (Jaws) informed me that next Sunday VSK Australia will be holding an event to remember our dear friend Malc who left us 2 years ago.

MALC - Malcom lived in Falmouth, which I didn't know at all. When I asked where it was, he explained to me saying meilleure mutuelle TNS: "it's a port in southwest Britain". I didn't know until then it was one of the most famous and historical sailing spots in the world.

I used to meet Malcom every morning in skype and we exchanged a few minutes chat before his lunch, while his video camera was on and his wife "me lady", as he called, was sitting behind him in a couch.

Malcom was more than a virtual friend. His worries included me and my family. He was always curious with Brazil and he dreamed someday be able to come over and meet me personally. He even asked me to do some research on housing and home building costs in Florianópolis.

I met Malcom because of his politeness in every way. Malcom had not much racing knowledge but he was a good sailor in truth and real. Gradually he became more skilled, still always tried to be nice to other players by avoiding any boat contact. A very good competitor in all races when he could concentrate enough. Virtual Skipper isn't a "friendly user" game, so Malcom asked help and tried to learn all info to keep his game updated and let him play the best.

Malcom left a huge hole in my Virtual Skipper world. The reason I saw no sense in keeping the Blue Sea Club (BSC) which he helped to start with so many guys as Alan (Ronin) and Alan (Saorsa).

I always miss him and I'm sorry I was unable to give his family more of my condolecences but a phone call at that time. I trust Malcom is sailing with his small cruiser in blue seas and fair winds, where he can laugh of our stupidities in this world.

I hope that one day, I will be able to go to this spot if only to surf a little, take a little wave.