Asymetric Spinnaker

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Virtual Skipper 5 offre la possibilité d'importer vos propres modèles 3D de bateaux.<br>
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For anyone that is interested, Tom has sorted out my Asymetric Problem. Thanks Tom.
As I understand it, the sail needs to be 3D but fairly flattish, and aligned along the Y axis centreline in the same way as the main and jib. The head, tack, and clew, must all be on the centreline, but the bulge of the sail will go to one side (port).
The BoatParam.xml will be important as there seems to be a tendency for the sail to invert (inside-out) if the boat speed is greater than the windspeed.
My problem was caused by using my existing Fireball model as a test-bed, with a sail that was too big, and going too fast. I would never have sorted out these fundamental errors without Tom's assistance. OK, I know I'm an amateur!
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I realize this post has been idle for over a year, but I need Spinn help too so I thought id post in here. Im trying to make a farr 40, but can't get the spinn to behave properly. I've intesly studied this topic and tried every suggestion in here. everything seems to be right EXCEPT the head and tack are off to one side. their location is dependant on what side of the boat the wind is coming from, and how close up wind you sail.

i have the pivot/center for the mesh at the head of the sail and is tilted to line up with the tack. The pivot/center for the sail and the pole are in line with each other. all corners of the sail are on the center line.

Im not sure if this is a XML issue or a mesh issue. any help please.

here is an image of my problem