VIRTUAL SKIPPER 5 skin question?

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VIRTUAL SKIPPER 5 skin question?

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I try to modify some of the dds files of Desafio Español 2007 boat, so I take the files from the zip file located in the folder 32nd America's Cup\GameData\Skins\Boats\Acc

When I open a dds file in Adobe Photoshop

NVIDIA DDS Read Properties

I have to choose between:

- Load Using default Sizes
- Convert Images to 8 bits
- Convert Images to 16 bits

Also I an asked if wants Load MIP maps

What is the right option?
Should I Load MIP maps?

When I modified the dds file ant try to save it:

I choose:

DXT5 ARGB 8 bpp | interpolated alpha

And also tick on Generate Mip maps ---- all

Then I zip again the folder Desafio Español 2007 and place it in 32nd America's Cup\GameData\Skins\Boats\Acc

When I try play the game I see a transparent boat instead the boat whit the modified skins.

How is the right format of modify this dds files?

Thanks in advance
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Post by Camster »

I hope you dont mind that I moved this to the Hints & tips section.

I suggest that you do not use a Nadeo skin for your first trials to modify a skin. Use one of the many skins available to download - it means that any disasters do not affect the skins that come with the game.

Have a look at these notes & see if they help....