[VSK4] Libera A

Virtual Skipper 4 offer the possibility to import own boat 3D models.<br>
3D artists and players can now meet here to share models and advices.<br>
Virtual Skipper 4 offre la possibilité d'importer vos propres modèles 3D de bateaux.<br>
Les artistes 3D et les joueurs peuvent maintenant se réunir ici pour partager leurs modèles et conseils.

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[VSK4] Libera A

Post by FixoderNix*** »

Libera A has launched

We are proude to present the Libera A with all her new & teriffic Features, Thu Hull and Designe is developt for VSK 4 from TOM, the Sail designe is made by NIK and has also some new Features. We hope you enjoy the spectacular Sailingdynamics. You will find this new Boatstype in our Download section (Toms Weft) if you like the Libera A tell every Vsk4 Sailingfriend, where he will get them.

Cheers, the vskfun team Image Here the Link:http://vskfun.com/index.php?option=com_ ... &Itemid=42
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Post by WillGBR »

hi how do i get to the download!?
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Post by Camster »

If the link in the post above doesn't work for you, try this one:

http://www.vivarace.de/downloads/index. ... 01c4471733

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Post by GBR13697 »

?I can't find a downloadable file for Libera at either of these links.

OK - got it now. You have to register at VSKFun, and only 1 of 2 links works. Couldn't find it Vivarace at all.
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Post by Ômr_etc »

impossible to register at vskfun :((
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Post by Chrisgino »

Hello all,

I use the link gived by Camster (http://www.vivarace.de/downloads/index. ... 01c4471733 ) it works approximately fine, I mean that when you dowload the, the name of this file is "Setup_Libera_A_Rel_1.01[1]" so you have to change the end of name file to finaly have : "Setup_Libera_A_Rel_1.exe" and then execute it and the Install Creator program start.

As usual I also put this post in "Annonce" :)

Have fun.
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