Creating Boat Model Graphics

Virtual Skipper 4 offer the possibility to import own boat 3D models.<br>
3D artists and players can now meet here to share models and advices.<br>
Virtual Skipper 4 offre la possibilité d'importer vos propres modèles 3D de bateaux.<br>
Les artistes 3D et les joueurs peuvent maintenant se réunir ici pour partager leurs modèles et conseils.

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Creating Boat Model Graphics

Post by GBR13697 »

I have got as far as a reasonably accurate hull in Freeship, and adding the other bits should not be too much trouble. I have Blender (but not much clue how it works!), and I could use this to import the .dxf and convert it to .3ds ready for the Boat Importer.
Can anyone give me an idiots guide as to how I create the .3ds file such that it will contain all the meshes required for the Boat Importer? The concept of converting my .dxf file into a number of meshes within the Solid.3ds file has me stumped at present.
Thanks for any help.
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Post by arc »

Sounds like an Autodesk 3d studio Max file format.

I think these file types can also be created by:

Sketchup (may be able to download a use a download version)

Autodesk AutoCAD programme.

Possibly soldiworks with export add in.

Ditto Archicad