VSK community websites (not all active)

C'est ici que les joueurs discutent de l'actualité publiée sur le site officiel de Virtual Skipper.
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VSK community websites (not all active)

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This thread is to compile a list of Clubs & Fansites which are devoted to the Virtual Skipper game. To add your club or site to this list, please make a post by replying to this one, giving a link to your site and a short description of it (20 - 30 words or so). Your post may be edited when copied to the list, especially if it is too long! From time to time, a moderator will add new sites to the list here and delete the original posts.

List of Clubs & Fansites for Virtual Skipper:

* http://vsksailing.rocks/forum/index.php, still live on July, 19th 2021

* Virtual Yacht Squadron (VYS) - Established in 2001, the Virtual Yacht Squadron (VYS) is one of the longest running clubs in the Virtual Skipper community. It's international and dedicated membership hosts races every day of the week from between 7:30am and 11:00am GMT.

* polarbearskins.com - A site for Skin Download, just for Fun.

* VSKFun.com - International community, organising international events and having weekly races. Publishing many boats for Virtual Skipper.

* Vivarace.de - Official German support and fansite for Virtual Skipper. Dynamic ladder for ACC with international sailors, locator service for skins, serveral match race events over the year and much more...

* VSKSAILING.it - It is mainly the home of "I-Team" , the team of "blues" virtual skippers ... :wink: In this website are organized two events where virtual judge of VSK is the only judge of the event ; this is because many "VSK rookies" can compete with experienced skippers.

* VSKINTREPID.it - The home of the team Vskintrepid sailing team (ex A-team) and where is the great champion spittillo! :lol: Events: In August, the Sunshine cup challenge. In November the melges global championship and in Jaunary the GST Trophy!

* Virtual-Winds.com and La Taverne - Virtual Sailing Portal. French VSK resource and club. Boat modeling, events organization, skins and more.

* vsk-aus - The aim of VSK Australia is to create a friendly, active community where skippers from all over the world can compete, chat, learn and discuss all aspects of sailing. Site users access our downloads, forums, technical information, events, training and mentoring.

* vskrussia.com - Virtual race portal and home for Team Russia. The registered users have an opportunity to create own races: Fleet, Match, Team... Publication results of races.. Publication own news.. etc..

* yacht-skipper.ru - International Virtual Sailing Community - Yacht-Skipper.Ru YSR Team

* vskalive.com - VSKA - the first community in Italy with international skippers, we have Championships - Cups - Meeting - Real Sail and all for great fun.

* VSK-CROATIA - Mailing list, maps, skins, tournaments.

* vsk.wikia.com - The wiki about VSK5 (from Ubisoft/Nadeo) that anyone can edit. ( This list of clubs can be edited at http://vsk.wikia.com/wiki/Useful_links )

* swedenrace.se - Swedens biggest and only(?) vsk-club.

* http://lebretonet.free.fr

* VSKITALIA.com - support websites of "VSKITALIA area" are : www.lupidimare.org www.ripex.net ( now offline ; it will be replaced by ABNormal team forum ) www.clan-prosagra.net www.vskipper.com www.goodwindall.com
Many other websites collaborate in two very important italian project ; the first is already working : "Diario di Bordo" ( http://www.velavirtuale.it/diario/ )... it is the italian Virtual Sailing Magazine where you can find , in addition to above websites , articoles by
www.canaglieracingteam.com www.viskip.it www.velarossa.com www.vskalive.com
Second project is the Associazione Italiana Vela Virtuale ( AIVV) whose website www.velavirtuale.it is under construction ... this wants to became the italian federation of virtual sailing and a collaboration with FIV-CONI official organization is started. AIVV is now working and the website is on-line.

* www.vskw.it - VSKW 3rd Season. The home of the vskw challenge team.
The main event is the Challenge Cup. It start in september and finish in june. It is subdivides by 20 Act, you can subscribe for every act!
Othe events are The swan cup, The tp52 Audi med cup and the rc44 slam cup!

* The united nACCions team - (UNT) has the goal to get fun and to favor the TEAM RACING with the ACC boat in the vsk community. All are wellcome to join. Events named "micros" are organized regularly using Sailing Instructions and a Protest Committee.

* http://itbyc.org/ The ITBYC (International Team Racing and Beer Drinking Yacht Club) is a virtual yacht club dedicated to, as the name suggests, team racing and beer drinking. We use the game Virtual Skipper 5 (VSK) for our races, which is a very good regatta simulator.
The ITBYC was founded in the year 2000 when a small group of skippers grew sick and tired of skippers in public races, who consistenly ignored the ISAF rules and the basic principle of sailing. We wanted to have quality races when sailing online, and a private club with private races was the solution.

* The TeamJB Virtual Sailng Club is a group of friends that sail in a relaxed atmosphere and are creating a friendly, active community where skippers from all over the world can compete. With the latest and best forum software available we have facilities to allow downloads of doumentation, skins, templates. We have TS3, blogs, galleries, newsletters and a ful cms that brings it all together. A chat will be added in the very near future. Software for ladders , team and match racing is embedded, software and ladders for fleet racing is being written

* ISAF Racing - ISAF Racing site - Virtual Skipper racing organised using ISAF rules & a jury. Membership of the site and the forum is by invitation only.

* POR Team – Equipa Portuguesa no VSK5 – The Portuguese Team for VSK5

* Virtual Skipper ACC Racing Club International – we are currently a small outfit of 7 members, however the ACCEES (ACC Endurance Events Series) is extremely popular amongst Virtual Skipper fans and we enjoy a very large following, that view the forum daily for race and leaderboard updates.

* VSK-AYC – To promote and co-ordinate regular AYC club racing and to encourage more participation and racing for members, both within the Club and globally

* Delphisa website: This website was created for hosting VSk boat skins.

* http://www.demi-coques.fr Topmenu Virtual skipper
The only web site with thread about fittings and tips to go faster with your ACC ("PLus vite en ACC 4,5,6,7 etc....)

* Ed's Page - Fansite with skins and maps etc

* Southern Cross VSK Club - active Australian Club